About us

OLIMPEK Sp. z o.o. is a Polish manufacturing and trade company specialised in poultry, meat and cured meat distribution. Thanks to our consistent manufacturing and commercial policy aimed at fulfilling Customers’ requirements, we have achieved a significant and stable market position. We also enjoy the respect and trust of our leading suppliers.

Our services are known to many chains, wholesale and retail customers. We use modern marketing communication channels and techniques of active customer reach. Thanks to direct cooperation with manufacturers and efficient organisation, we try to make our products available at attractive prices.

Using our long-running experience, knowledge and familiarity with the food market, we attempt to assure high level of our staff competence, transport and general logistic services, in order to provide our customers with a high standard of services.

We try to base the relationship with company contractors on partnership, solidarity and liability. Due to the increasing demands of the market, we regularly modernise individual departments of our company and make necessary investments.

We invite your cooperation!

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